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Raptor Road Trip: Tracking Birds of Prey Across the American West

10 February 2017 Published in HWI News
Three friends hit the road to follow hawks and golden eagles on their fall migration, and to collect valuable data that will help scientists understand the birds' ancient journeys. ...read the full National Geographic article…

Combined Count Data Reveals Shifts in Hawks’ Migratory Behavior

09 February 2017 Published in HWI News
Bird species’ distributions and migratory behavior are shifting in response to changes in climate and land-use, but surveys that focus on a particular season can cause scientists to miss trends in the bigger picture. A…

Raptor ID App Review

03 May 2016 Published in HWI News
Read the latest reviews on our Raptor ID App.  Now available in the App Store and Google Play. Download yours today! Birding by American Birding Asosciation BirdWatching   New Raptor ID App Launches for Phones…