"Always" and "Never"

19 December 2014 Written by  

I've been meaning to write this for a while. When I first a started birding, I had heard birders explain ID's or details of plumage, etc. and in doing so, had sometimes made definitive or grand blanket statements using the terms "never" or "always". I caught on early that these terms should be used only rarely when discussing birds -- mainly because there are exceptions to almost every rule! Even in some field guides and articles, things have been exclaimed as "always show....." or "never have...." but extreme caution should be used these days when discussing bird identification. I was wondering if anyone has come across exceptions to any of the rules of birding? Here's one (check out the pic of these 3 Red-tailed Hawks), more than a few times I have heard that "Red-tailed Hawks never sit on wires." Thanks Jim for the 3 images!

Comments and opinions are most welcome!

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