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Goshutes Update

27 August 2013 Written by
News from Goshutes: We usually band a handful of Prairie Falcons each fall here at our Goshute NV site. Historically, most visit early in the season when the sky still seems relatively empty. The first day of banding at our North Blind was August 20th, and sure enough, a stunning…

Grand Canyon Update

26 August 2013 Written by
Field crew getting oriented at the Yaki Point, Grand Canyon migration site on a rainy day. We're thrilled to have the Grand Canyon site back in operation this year!

Chelan Ridge Update

23 August 2013 Written by
The Chelan Ridge team was thrilled to begin the fall raptor migration count today! The day started out rainy and overcast, but quickly turned into a bright and sunny day by mid-morning. Last night's weather disturbance was exactly what the birds needed as a little push into migration. The raptor…