People into Nature and Nature into People

Advance public education and outreach to increase environmental awareness and commitment to conserving the natural world.


Advancing Environmental Literacy - HWI is committed to fostering a society capable of addressing the serious environmental challenges we face today and the new challenges of tomorrow. We are expanding our conservation outreach programs into rural communities and schools, with a focus on underserved areas, to build a stronger and wider public understanding of environmental science, and teach lessons of conservation in ways that spur critical thinking skills and creativity. We are also working with teachers to provide outdoor learning activities that incorporate our research projects and migration sites.

Connecting Citizens to Science - Citizen science, public participation in scientific research, engages the public in hands-on field work and increases their knowledge of environmental issues while allowing research programs to gather more data than would otherwise be possible with paid staff. HWI is expanding existing and launching new citizen science projects to involve the public in our conservation research and build greater awareness around the critical issues facing raptors. Our dedicated corps of volunteers are true raptor champions.

Leveraging Technology - Technology is creating a society that is constantly connected and changing the way we access information. HWI will develop and use technological tools to expand our reach, increase conservation capabilities, and engage and educate the public. In the next year we will launch a new raptor field guide app for smart phones that will be the first of its kind. We will work to bring video and film to the public that will address raptor threats and conservation.

Rekindling Passion for the Natural World - There simply is no substitute for being outdoors and getting lost in the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Appreciation for wildlife and our shared environments is the underlining message behind all of HWI's education and outreach efforts. We will be coordinating more public visitation to our migration sites and grow our outdoor field trips to get people out into nature and make nature an everyday part of people's lives.

SOAR Jesuit-School
"What an amazing experience for my statistics students, getting to camp for the weekend with the [HWI] Goshutes site field crew and learn about raptors. In fact, one student who released a hawk is now going into the field of statistics in college due to this experience. Thank you!"


Kelli Mattachione, Statistics Teacher, Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas