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Raptors and the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

04 August 2010 Published in HWI News
Coverage of the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, a.k.a Deepwater Horizon, has overwhelmed our public discussions since it first started gushing from the ocean floor on April 20.  The initial explosion that set the tragedy…

BLM Publishes Technical Reports on the Implications of Raptor Nesting Near Oil and Gas Development

19 July 2010 Published in HWI News
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has published a series of technical reports based on HWI studies of the implications of raptor nesting near oil and gas development. Technical Report 432 - Raptor Nesting Near…

The Legacy Partnership: Discovering the Effects of Cheatgrass on Nesting Raptors

06 July 2010 Published in HWI News
Each spring raptors embark on the vital task of nesting.  This is a period of great vulnerability, and nesting raptors face many risks such as predation, human disturbance, and prey availability.  A recent HawkWatch International…