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BLM Publishes Technical Reports on the Implications of Raptor Nesting Near Oil and Gas Development

19 July 2010 Published in HWI News
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has published a series of technical reports based on HWI studies of the implications of raptor nesting near oil and gas development. Technical Report 432 - Raptor Nesting Near…

The Legacy Partnership: Discovering the Effects of Cheatgrass on Nesting Raptors

06 July 2010 Published in HWI News
Each spring raptors embark on the vital task of nesting.  This is a period of great vulnerability, and nesting raptors face many risks such as predation, human disturbance, and prey availability.  A recent HawkWatch International…

HWI Voted Best Birders in Utah

12 April 2010 Published in HWI News
HawkWatch International was voted Best Birders in the 2010 Best of Utah: Active Life section of the 21st annual City Weekly Best of Utah edition.  Readers vote on over 100 categories and the winners are…