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HawkWatch Wins Eide Bailly Resourcefullness Award

20 September 2018 Published in Press Center
HawkWatch International is ecstatic to have been selected as the first place winner for The Eide Bailly Resourcefullness 2018 Award in Utah. As first place winner of the Utah award, HawkWatch International received a $10,000…

New Research Indicates Egyptian Vultures Spend Majority of Time in Compact, Developed Areas

04 April 2018 Published in Press Center
The first-ever satellite-tracking study of Egyptian Vultures tagged in the Middle East and East Africa indicates that the species spends a majority of its time in a relatively small area characterized by human development such…

HawkWatch International Partners with the University of Utah to Study Raptors in Africa

28 June 2017 Published in Press Center
HawkWatch International and the University of Utah are partnering on two studies in the Horn of Africa: a new effort studying raptor migration over the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait in Djibouti, and a continuation of vulture extinction…