Evan Buechley, Ph.D.

International Programs Director

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Dr. Evan R. Buechley is the International Programs Director for HawkWatch International and a postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. His research focuses on endangered species conservation, scavenger ecology, and movement ecology. Evan studies raptors and vultures using cutting-edge tracking technologies to reveal movement pattern across continents. This information is used to investigate species’ basic ecology, ecosystem services, and to inform their conservation.

Evan’s work includes an analysis of the causes and consequences of vulture declines and a paradigm to set raptor research and conservation priorities globally. He is a world expert on vulture ecology and conservation, having worked in-depth with vultures on four continents. His research informs a long-term applied conservation project in Ethiopia focused on saving critically endangered vultures from extinction.

Evan received his B.A. in Environmental Studies from Willamette University in 2006, with a thesis based on field research investigating the interactions between waterfowl and fisheries along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. He then worked on a myriad of avian research projects worldwide, including surveying bird communities of Micronesia, contributing to the recovery of the California Condor in the Grand Canyon Region, investigating the regional status of the Augur Buzzard in Kenya; and assisting with Bearded Vulture reintroductions in Spain. For his PhD at the University of Utah, Evan worked with Cagan Sekercioglu, conducting global analyses and field studies in Turkey, Armenia, and Ethiopia. More recently, he has been a post-doctoral researcher in collaboration with HawkWatch International, the Smithsonian Institution, and the University of Utah.

Evan is an avid birder, skier, rock-climber, and flamenco guitarist.

Favorite raptor: Bearded Vulture