Iza Schwartz


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Iza Schwartz graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Biology from Prescott College in May 2016. They spent their undergrad studying natural history and ecology of the southwest, exploring the ecological wonders of the Sonoran Desert. They spent time studying field methods for plant ecology and coastal ecology at the Prescott College Kino Bay Center in Bahía Kino, Mexico. It was there that Iza discovered a passion for birds — enthralled by the incredible behavior and adaptations of shorebirds and colonial sea birds. Throughout their undergrad, Iza worked as a program assistant and later as the interim program coordinator and collections manager at the Natural History Institute in Prescott, Arizona. They collated the Institute’s entire insect collection before graduating Prescott College. After spending their undergrad working in outreach and studying ecology, Iza found their way to HawkWatch in 2017 first as a migration crewmember and later as a field technician. Iza joined HawkWatch’s team as an educator in May of 2019, and is excited to continue their journey as an educator and ecologist.

Iza enjoys spending their free time outside with their dog, Teah. Iza loves mountain biking (they used to race collegiate cycling on the Prescott College Varsity Team), climbing, hiking, running and backpacking.

Favorite raptor: Harris's Hawk