Nicole Richardson

Field Biologist

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Nicole is from Ontario, Canada, where she discovered a love for wildlife at a very young age—traipsing barefoot through meadows in pursuit of snakes, climbing trees for better vantage points of the forest, and nearly drowning chasing turtles across swamps. It wasn't long before she found birds, and even before high school, she spent much of her time leafing through field guides and wandering around with an old pair of borrowed binoculars. 

Nicole received a BSc in Biology from Nipissing University following a wonderfully convoluted six years. Every moment she wasn't in class, she was pursuing opportunities to learn more about birds, and this led her to take two semesters off, split one into half, and complete one online during a season of fieldwork. While Nicole has worked with many organizations in Ontario, her adventures have taken her across the world—from the wet subtropical forests of Hawaii to the dry eucalypt woodlands of eastern Australia and beyond. She's worked with songbirds, shorebirds, owls, hummingbirds, waterfowl, and even the odd parrot or heron but never found herself truly committed to any one taxa until the day she met a Red-tailed Hawk up close. 

At that moment, she fell head-over-heels in love, and six years later, her whole life revolves around the observation, identification, and study of raptors. She's a banding permit holder in Canada, where she enjoys every opportunity to study and appreciate every feather on a raptor in the hand and let her curiosity carry her away, asking questions. When she's not in the field, she spends her time finding ways to collaborate with others, share her passion with anyone who will listen, and teach others what she can about raptors. Nicole is thrilled to be a part of HawkWatch International, where she can dedicate herself to what she loves most. When she's not outside looking at hawks, Nicole is knitting things she'll never finish, cuddling with dogs or horses, baking cookies just to eat half the dough, or thinking about hawks.

Favorite raptor: Red-tailed Hawk