Nelson Holmes

Volunteer Coordinator/Educator

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(801) 484-6808 ext. 101

An avid birder and student of nature, Nelson joined HawkWatch International (HWI) in July of 2013. Nelson began his circuitous life adventure in Los Angeles working as the Education Assistant at the Arboretum of Los Angeles County and departing, 18 years later, as the Senior Naturalist and Guide.  Seeking something completely different, Nelson made an attempt to raise Animals for exotic fleece on 70 remote acres between the Wet and Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado.  To his dismay, the start-up capital was insufficient to cover survival costs so he took a position as a Tax Appraiser in Rural Huerfano County.  Nelson also worked for the Huerfano World Journal as a reporter and a columnist which allowed him the opportunity to sport some pretty nifty press credentials at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Nelson Studied literature and philosophy at Cal State Los Angeles and is well versed in subjects that bore his friends and loved ones to tears. After many years Nelson reconnected with his high School acquaintance and college friend, Teresa, and they’re  now married and working on the “happy ever after” part in Bountiful along with two dogs, four cats and a couple of obnoxious parrots.  When he’s not in the kitchen fostering post matrimonial weight gain for he and his wife, Nelson is seeking adventure on dirt roads to nowhere and overgrown trails.

Favorite raptor: White-tailed Kite