Sky Migrations Joins MountainFilm World Tour

06 June 2018

The excitment continues as Sky Migrations rolls on in the MountainFilm World Tour.

This award-winning, short-film by directors Max Lowe, Charles Post, and Forest Woodard features HawkWatch International in a story on raptor migration. In Sky Migrations, ecologist Charles Post follows the raptor migration flight from Goshute Mountains HawkWatch to Manzano Mountains HawkWatch to share about our research and trace the paths of these formidable creatures across the skyscapes of the west. In the process, Post taps into a greater effort that’s larger than any individual bird-watcher: a global undercurrent of stewardship.

After its inaugural screening at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in October 2017, Sky Migrations was selected to join the Banff World Tour and has been screening worldwide all year (read our last blog post on the Banff Mountain Film Festival announcement).

HawkWatch International staff and birds recently attended the MountainFilm Festival to talk raptor migation with festival folks and encourage them to visit a migation site this fall (see photos of our trip below).

To date, the film has received Official Selection from the following festivals:

Continuing the flight, it was just announced Sky Migrations was selected to join the MountainFilm World Tour. Visit the MountainFilm website to see a list of upcoming locations and dates.

Stay tuned as Max, Charles, and Forest make plans to release the film online for public viewing.