Meet the 2018 Manzanos Crew

12 September 2018

Text and photos by Jessica Taylor, Manzanos Mountains HawkWatch crew member

Happy migration from Manzano Mountains HawkWatch! It’s that time of year again and we are back on the ridge. The season is off to a good start. First, I’ll introduce the crew.

Cassidy Ruge is a recent graduate and pretty much life-long birder. This is his first season hawk watching.

Tori Thorpe is joining us for her second season with HawkWatch International. Last year she was at Commissary Ridge HawkWatch.

Tucker Davidson is a returning member, coming back for season number four. He was at Chelan Ridge HawkWatch for two years and Manzano Mountains HawkWatch last year.

I (Jessica Taylor) am also a returning member. This is my seventh migration season and also second at Manzanos.

Finally we have Camp Dog Zoe, who is also a seasoned hawk watcher.

We are all excited to see what this season has in store for us. We’ve already seen Golden Eagles, Ferruginous Hawks, lots of Kestrels and a few of the other falcons, all the accipiters, Red-tails, Turkey Vultures, Osprey, Oh My! The numbers have just started picking up and we’ve only had to huddle in the blind because of rain one day so far. It’s a great time to visit and we would love to have you!

See you on the mountain!  And make sure to follow our group page on Facebook to see the latest count updated and photos.

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