HawkWatch Wins Eide Bailly ResourceFULLness Award

20 September 2018

HawkWatch International is ecstatic to have been selected as the first place winner for The Eide Bailly Resourcefullness 2018 Award in Utah.

As first place winner of the Utah award, HawkWatch International received a $10,000 cash infusion for the project in which we submitted our application.

"Eide Bailly makes a big impact on local communities each year by recognizing the hard work of nonprofits through their Resourcefullness award, and we are honored to have been selected for the 2018 award featuring our Vanishing Vultures project," said Paul Parker, HawkWatch International Executive Director.

The Eide Bailly Resourcefullness Award selects three winners from five states (Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Utah), for a total of 15 winners. Through a competitive application process, The Resourcefullness Award recognizes nonprofit organizations that challenge themselves to find new, exciting ways to generate sustainable streams of revenue. To ensure fairness, independent judges from the nonprofit community review and score finalists in each state, and base their decision on creative, impactful initiatives that are making a difference in their communities.

Quoting from the FAQ on The Eide Bailly Resourcefullness website:

Q:  What’s in it for Eide Bailly?

A:  Like any other business, we have to get the word out about our services. Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign, we thought we could generate just as much – if not, more – name recognition with these awards and, at the same time, make valuable contributions to the industry we cherish.

To view the complete list of 2018 award winners, click here.

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