Executive Director Announces Retirement

04 April 2019

After more than five years with HawkWatch International (HWI), Executive Director Paul Parker will retire at the end of June 2019. During his time with HWI, Paul has helped the organization continue as a leader in raptor conservation. His impact has allowed HWI to grow its work and partnerships with national organizations and robust citizen science initiatives. He also worked to expand HWI’s reach in U.S. and beyond by helping to establish partnerships to research Old World Vultures in the Horn of Africa, whose impact on ecosystem and human health is crucial to this region. Before joining HWI in 2013, Paul spent several decades cultivating a broad and diverse background in corporate, government and nonprofit positions dealing with environmental policy development and stakeholder collaboration.

“Paul’s passion for conservation and his leadership has been indispensable to this organization,” said Darlene Batatian, chair of the HWI Board of Directors. “We’ve seen amazing growth in our community outreach, research efforts and conservation, and the board and staff have truly appreciated his positive impact.”

During the upcoming months, the HWI Board of Directors will be reviewing and meeting with candidates for an Executive Director position. They plan to find an individual to continue Paul’s lead and further
HWI’s mission and work.

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