HWI Welcomes our New Executive Director

09 July 2019

HawkWatch International staff, board and volunteers are thrilled to welcome Nikki Wayment as the new Executive Director. Paul Parker previously headed the organization until his retirement in June.

Nikki has spent more than a decade working with HWI and has taught countless children and community members throughout the western U.S. about wildlife and conservation. If you’ve attended an HWI open house, stopped by the office or visited sites in the Migration Network, you may have met Nikki and experienced firsthand her infectious kindness and passion for raptors.

“I am honored by the chance to continue this important work with HWI,” Nikki said. “The generous volunteers and donors supporting HWI provide truly amazing opportunities for research, education and conservation of raptors.”

Nikki began a career in conservation after receiving a bachelor’s degree in fisheries and wildlife from Utah State University in Logan, Utah. She previously worked as the curator of science and education at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia. Most recently, she served as education and outreach director at HWI.

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