Welcome to Dr. Megan Murgatroyd

15 October 2019

HawkWatch International is very excited to welcome Dr. Megan Murgtroyd as a Conservation Biologist and newest member of the HWI staff.

Based in South Africa, Dr. Murgatroyd will be joining HWI’s growing international programs that work to track raptor issues and identify conservation needs across the globe. In her position, she will focus on the research and conservation of endangered raptor species in Africa, including Martial Eagles and Bearded Vultures.

“Dr. Murgatroyd is a passionate conservationist and I am thrilled to welcome her to HWI,” International Programs Director Dr. Evan Buechley said. “She not only brings extensive research experience, but also a true dedication to the study of endangered raptors.”

Dr. Murgatroyd holds a Ph.D. in raptor ecology from the Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology in Cape Town, South Africa. She comes to HWI after work that has been focused on the conservation of threatened raptors in Africa and Europe, including Verreaux’s Eagles and Wedge-tailed Eagles. A major theme of her work has been using GPS tracking data to identify causes of mortality and threats including wind turbine collision risk and illegal killing. Her position is made possible through a partnership supported by South Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Trust.

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