Hawk Shooting Near HWI Headquarters

18 March 2021

Despite HWI’s 35 years of working to conserve raptors and our shared environments, persecution and even outright hostility towards raptors in many areas across the globe remains a significant threat today. These threats stem from misperceptions about raptors as competitors and/or threats to human endeavors, whether that be our backyard chickens, our pets, or the way we make our livelihoods. These individuals ignore the important roles raptors play in the systems they live in, the free services they provide in controlling pest populations, and the awe they inspire as majestic hunters of the sky.

We were just recently reminded of this threat as a Cooper's Hawk was shot and killed near HWI's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah last weekend. (The news story that we've linked to has the bird incorrectly identified as a Sharp-shinned Hawk.) We’re disturbed and saddened by this news from our own backyard, but it is also a stark reminder of why federal protections, such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, remain so important. If you're local to the area and have any information about the shooter, please contact the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources via their Utah Turn-in-a-Poacher (UTiP) tipline at 1-800-662-3337.

If you follow us, you likely appreciate birds of prey. Thank you for supporting our efforts and caring about conserving raptors. Please help us spread appreciation for raptors and how important (and amazing) they are.

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