Buteos Arrive at Gunsight

13 April 2021
Red-tailed Hawk. Photo by Cory French Red-tailed Hawk. Photo by Cory French

Late last week we received another update from Arthur Green and Cory French—this year's counters at Gunsight Mountain. The crew counted 495 migrant raptors, bringing their season total up to just over 1,500 birds. The crew continues to count primarily Golden Eagles, with 426 counted between April 1st and April 7th. The season total for eagles sat at 1,388 as of the 7th, overtaking the previous spring record of 1,163.

However, other species are starting to finally pass through. The team spotted their first Merlins, Gyrfalcons, and at long last, a couple of species of buteos. The crew counted 23 Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks and 2 Rough-legged Hawks last week. 

"The Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks arrived fashionably late," Arthur shared in his update, noting that they didn't make an appearance at the site until April 3rd. That was the same day the first Merlin appeared at the site as well.

For more details on how the season is going, check out the full count below! 


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