Bonney Butte Update

25 October 2013

Count update from the Bonney Butte crew:

Things are slowing down on Bonney Butte. After two weeks of warm, beautiful weather and many days of over 90 birds, the last two days have brought counts of 29 and 39 birds. Our banders caught a Golden Eagle this week, the second of the season. Still hoping for a Rough-legged Hawk in the station! The forecast continues to look clear through Halloween.

Season Totals (as of 10/25/13):

1055 Sharp-shinned Hawk
202 Cooper's Hawk
10 Northern Goshawk
71 Unknown Accipiter
3 Broad-winged Hawk
420 Red-tailed Hawk
1 Ferruginous Hawk
7 Rough-legged Hawk
51 Unknown Buteo
14 American Kestrel
75 Merlin
4 Prairie Falcon
7 Peregrine Falcon
3 Unknown Falcon
40 Golden Eagle
57 Bald Eagle
2 Unknown Eagle
58 Osprey
13 Northern Harrier
339 Turkey Vulture
25 Unknown Raptor
2457 TOTAL