Weekly Review of Raptor ID's

28 July 2014

Here are a few pics sent to me last week, and two older photos (06, 07) I was given permission to post. Let's see if we can ID them as a group....all of these photos were taken in the month of July except 07, which was taken in December-February (not sure exactly when). No location detail for these photos is given, but that doesn't effect the ID. I'll say where a few were from in a few days.

Please feel free to send me comments on all or just a few of the birds, you choose. Let's put our heads together and come up with the proper ID's. I already answered the people who sent these, but my response is not posted anywhere, so I'd love to see if we all agree! I love hearing what others have to say because everyone looks at things differently or keys in on certain things. If I posted your photo without permission (I do give proper photo credit) and you'd like me to remove the image, just say so and accept my apology. I alwyas figure that people willing to post them to forums or facebook wouldn't mind me doing so here. Thanks to anyone who posted these images on other sites, and thanks to the people who sent them to me, sometimes I don't get all the information that comes with the image.