ID Review (August 4-10)

11 August 2014

Here are a few pics sent to me for ID this past week. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me ID them? I already responded on them, so I hope I'm not wrong, that wouldn't be fun! If I posted anyone's image here that would like it removed, just ask...sometimes I can't track the photographer down but share the image in hopes of opening a positive discussion that may educate someone checking in on the blog. Thanks to all the people that sent images, and thanks to the people who provided names for the images that were not theirs.

Image #1 is of two birds (top 2 images are one bird, bottom 2 are another), the photos were sent to me by by Julia Davis from Kalamazoo MI. She heard a bird calling in the sky but saw two species up there.

Image #2 is all the same bird from WA a few weeks ago, forgot to post it until now. It was a breeding bird

Image #3 is a bird I photographed in Salt Lake 2 weeks ago and thought it would make a neat discussion.

Image #4 is a bird someone asked me about a while ago, and even a well-known author on raptors (I won't "out" anybody) was  fooled by it, so don't be discouraged if you find it difficult.

Image #5 was sent to me from a bird forum, never got the location or photographer, and don't know which bird site it was...but I think we can ID it.

Image #6 is from Utah last week...dark birds can always be confusing.

Image #7 is from Utah last week, perched birds from behind present interesting challenges.

Image #8 is a feather someone sent me. They gave me the photographer's name but I never did get the story on when or where it was from.

Image #9 is from last week but I did not get the location of the photograph. I think we can ID it though...

Image #10 was identified by the photographer Vic Berardi (a friend who specializes in hawks and would know this bird from 5 miles away), Vic was just curious if I agreed on the specific age of the bird, and I did...can anyone tell how many years old this Red-tailed Hawk is?

Image #11 I believe is from the eastern US from last week, but we should be able to figure it out regardless.