Meet the 2017 Manzanos Crew

11 September 2017
Text by Sarah Hecocks Greetings from the Manzano Mountains HawkWatch! Two weeks in and things are really starting to pick up as far as fall migration goes. As I type the words you’re reading, the cool westward winds whip and blow the canvas of our wall tent that the crew…

Meet the 2017 Goshutes Crew

11 September 2017
Text and photos by Casey Weissburg Fall migration is well underway here at the Goshute Mountains HawkWatch, as we enter our fourth week of counting with over 1,300 raptors migrated already, and almost 150 trapped and banded, including our first Golden Eagle of the season, three Northern Goshawks, and even…

HawkWatch International Partners with the University of Utah to Study Raptors in Africa

28 June 2017
HawkWatch International and the University of Utah are partnering on two studies in the Horn of Africa: a new effort studying raptor migration over the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait in Djibouti, and a continuation of vulture extinction studies based in Ethiopia. Evan Buechley, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Utah, will…

Mountain Outlaw Magazine story

14 June 2017
Max Lowe, Forest Woodard, and Charles Post took a road trip last fall (2016) to follow the raptor migration and document HawkWatch International's migration research.  Here's a great photographic story by the group features in Mountain Outlaw magazine's Summer 2017 edition.  (Click the image below to view the PDF.)

Grant received for HawkWatch and partners to research effects of climate change on American Kestrels

24 May 2017
The Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded a team of researchers, led by Boise State University biological sciences professor Julie Heath, a four-year, $1.7 million grant to monitor the effects of climate change on American kestrels and develop a modeling system that can be used broadly to predict how other…

Letter to Utah Congressional Delegation in support of maintaining and strengthening the Endangered Species Act

24 May 2017
April 2017 My name is Paul Parker and I am the Executive Director of HawkWatch International. I am writing to you today to share my thoughts about the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and to urge you to ensure its continued viability and utilization as one of our country’s most important…

Injured Raptors: What to Do

16 March 2017
Just as we were closing the office yesterday, we received a call from an individual who had watched a raptor collide with his office window.  The bird was moving but seemed to have trouble with its wing, leaving the concerned citizen afraid that the hawk was seriously injured. Unfortunately it…

Gunsight Mountain, Alaska: 2017

10 March 2017
March 7th marked the start of HawkWatch International’s second annual spring migration count at North America’s northernmost migration site: Gunsight Mountain, Alaska! Cold but clear weather highlighted the first few days of counting with temperatures reaching -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius), not an uncommon occurrence in interior Alaska this time…

Swainson's Hawk-like Rough-legged Hawks

21 February 2017
We are approaching the time of year in western North America when late wintering Rough-legged Hawks and early arriving Swainson's Hawks can be present at the same time. Particular Rough-legged Hawk morphs can have heavy bibs with lightly marked bellies and appear very Swainson's Hawk-like. This fact reminded us of…