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Bonney Butte Update

12 September 2013 Written by
First Merlin of the season.

Bonney Butte Update

11 September 2013 Written by
Counting started slow at Bonney Butte, but starting to pick up now as the peak passage comes. Here's a photo of long-time volunteer Dan Sherman taking a Red-tailed Hawk out of the bow net.

Bonney Butte Update

09 September 2013 Written by
Count update from Bonney Butte field crew: Here is a photo of the updated count board as of yesterday. It has been pretty slow lately and we were weathered out most of Thursday and all of Friday. We have been pretty busy trying to weed out migrants from residents.

Commissary Ridge Update

08 September 2013 Written by
The pacific storm that was blasting Bonney Butte and Chelan the later part of last week made its way to Commissary over the weekend.

Chelan Ridge Update

06 September 2013 Written by
Chelan had a few lightening strikes on Friday. Happy to report the field crew is all safe.

Goshutes Update

06 September 2013 Written by
HWI citizen science volunteer and supporter Tom Jones took a recent trip up to Goshutes and shared this panoramic landscape shot.