Dispatches from a Yurt: Week One at Chelan Ridge

02 September 2014
Text and Photos by Angela Woodside, Chelan Ridge lead counter Let the count begin! On August 24, this year's intrepid team of Chelan Ridge raptor migration observers and trappers—Crew Lead and Lead Bander Kelsey, Secondary Bander Monika, Lead Observer Angela (that's me!), Secondary Observer Jessica, and Interpreter Leah—broke out their…

Patagials & Bellybands

01 September 2014
A subject came up today regarding dark patagials on Red-tailed Hawks. Almost all Red-tailed Hawks (but not all, some are so faint it isn't fair to say they have dark patagials) have dark patagials of some sort (see post here: http://jerryliguori.blogspot.com/2013/09/red-tailed-hawk-patagial-marks.html). But did you know that Ferruginous Hawks can show dark…

The Key to Hawk ID - Learn the Basics Well

29 August 2014
The most important aspects regarding in-flight hawk ID are shape and flight style. Yes, plumage is important, but shape and flight style are more reliable traits when plumage is difficult to judge. I was watching hawks in April 2009 at Gunsight Mountain in Alaska on a day when there were…

Standard Examiner story on our Golden Eagle research

28 August 2014
Here's a great story and video by Benjamin Zack from the Standard Examiner. Benjamin followed us to a Golden Eagle site as we were conducting research and affixing a GPS unit to a nestling. Read the story below Watch the video Tracing Gold: Disappearing Eagles in the West Desert Thursday…

Sharp-shinned Hawk Variant

26 August 2014
A point of ID came up yesterday that I'd like to talk about. We know that the undersides of the 3 accipiters in juvenile plumage can vary in extent of streaking, but to what degree? Most people think of Sharp-shinned Hawks as heavily marked underneath, but some juveniles (typically males…

Grand Canyon's Global IBA Ceremony

25 August 2014
HWI's Yaki and Lipan Points raptor migration sites have long since been designated as Important Bird Areas (IBA) due to the high number and diversity of raptors and other avian species that migrate through the area. Our annual counts at these two sites documented some of the highest concentrations in the…

Weekly Hawk ID Review 8-18

25 August 2014
Here are a few pics sent to me for ID this past week (Image #2 was sent a while ago and identified by the photographer - a top notch raptor person, but another well-known raptor person debated it. NO it wasn't Brian Sullivan...Brian would know this bird instantly). I say…

KSL Outdoors video on HWI's Kestrel Study

21 August 2014
Adam Eakle from KSL Outdoors joined us on one of our Kestrel nestbox field trips. Thanks to Adam and Jared for putting this great video together on our American Kestrel Study project. Take a look... View the video

Salt Lake Tribune story on HWI's Kestrel Study

21 August 2014
This story on our American Kestrel Study project made the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper. We are excited about our new partnership with Salt Lake County parks and open spaces, and look forward to installing more nextboxes during the 2015 season on public lands. If you would…

Juvenile Harlan's Tails

20 August 2014
I just wanted to post a few tails of JUVENILE Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks since the tail can be the clinching trait for identifying juvenile Red-tails as Harlan's. However, they are not always as distinct as adults are from the other races, and can cause a bit of confusion, especially the…