Sky Migrations Joins MountainFilm World Tour

06 June 2018
The excitment continues as Sky Migrations rolls on in the MountainFilm World Tour. This award-winning, short-film by directors Max Lowe, Charles Post, and Forest Woodard features HawkWatch International in a story on raptor migration. In Sky Migrations, ecologist Charles Post follows the raptor migration flight from Goshute Mountains HawkWatch to Manzano Mountains HawkWatch to share…

Travel Nevada story on Goshute Mountains HawkWatch

20 April 2018
Thanks to Sydney Martinez of Travel Utah for visiting the Goshute Mountains HawkWatch site last fall (2017), and sharing this great story on the Travel Nevada website (click the image below to read). And for including the Goshutes site on the Discover page. 

New Research Indicates Egyptian Vultures Spend Majority of Time in Compact, Developed Areas

04 April 2018
The first-ever satellite-tracking study of Egyptian Vultures tagged in the Middle East and East Africa indicates that the species spends a majority of its time in a relatively small area characterized by human development such as highways, power lines, and dumps. The 16 vultures tagged in the study covered an…

Deploying Cutting Edge Satellite Technology on Kestrels -- a Full Cycle Phenology project

15 March 2018
by Jesse Watson and Jay Winiarski Visit the Full Cycle Phenology website to read their latset blog post and learn more about the project. In 2014 we initiated our American Kestrel Study along the Wasatch Front to address concerns about reported population declines over the past few decades. In addition…

Share with Wildlife: Raptor Migration Surveys

09 January 2018
Story and photos by Ginny Seamster, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Share with Wildlife Coordinator Visit the NMDGF website to view this story, and other Share with Wildlife partner stories (click the Project Highlights tab). Some species of birds migrate and, due to local topography, distribution of water…

Sky Migrations on the Banff World Tour

03 January 2018
In the fall of 2016, ecologist and storyteller Charles Post and photographers/videographers Max Lowe and Forest Woodard joined our migration crews at our Goshute and Manzano HawkWatch sites to experience the wonder that is raptor migration. “We felt inspired by what we had seen: beautiful birds that we banded and…

Ethiopia Project Update

06 November 2017
Our team has just returned from an exciting and productive trip to Ethiopia, in East Africa, where we have been investigating the status, ecology, and conservation of endangered vulture species. Ethiopia is host to the highest diversity of vultures anywhere in the world, with seven spectacular species regularly found around…

Black Diamond Equips HWI Migration Crew

02 November 2017
Working at a migration site for HawkWatch International can be challenging. Crews work six days a week for a small seasonal stipend that covers their basic costs while on site. Days can be long, and this time of year may begin with chipping ice off their drinking water, followed by…

A 2017 Farewell from the Manzanos

25 October 2017
Text and photos by Danny Erickson Greetings from Capilla Peak! The fall raptor migration is sure starting to slow up here for the Manzano Mountains HawkWatch with fewer birds counted and trapped as we close in on the end of the season. It is well past peak migration, but we have…

A day in the life of a migration monitor on Chelan Ridge

24 October 2017
Text and photo by Magill Schumm A day in the life of a migration monitor at the Chelan Ridge HawkWatch: 0630 Your alarm goes off. You stick your head out of your sleeping bag, try to sit up, realize how much colder the outside world is and then hit snooze…