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HWI Education Program Spotlighted by KCPW

16 February 2010
KCPW's "Utah Cares" features a series of stories from diversified nonprofits in an effort to increase the visibility of nonprofits across the state, and to inspire people to give to organizations and community groups that are essential to the health and well-being of Utah. Judith Payne from the Kennecott Nature…

Press Release: HWI Receives National Conservation Award

10 July 2009
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Nikki PriceMembership & Public Relations Coordinator (801) 484-6808, ext. 101 April 6, 2009 HawkWatch International and its partners Receive National Conservation Award The renowned avian conservation cooperative, Partners In Flight, awarded HawkWatch International and its partners (Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, and the Hawk Migration Association of North…

ATTENTION: Wilderness Area Leave No Trace Ethics

01 July 2008
The first priority when beginning project set-up at any of our sites, but particularly at sites that operate within either a Wilderness Area (WA) or a Wilderness Study Area (WSA), is for HWI to instill the crew with a low-impact wilderness ethic, so that all set-up and subsequent field research…