Some New Hawks To Review

16 June 2014
The four birds ('click' on image to enlarge) were sent to me at various times and I can't remember who sent them (except the last hawk sent by Bill Schmoker). There was a question on their ID's so I thought I'd post them to hear some suggestions and thoughts on…

Our new color bands for the Kestrel Study

16 June 2014
We've been making an effort to get color bands on as many breeding adults as possible within the American Kestrel Study area. Color bands, also known as "resight" bands, allow for easier monitoring (sighting) of birds throughout the year and in future nesting seasons. A Kestrel that can be positively…

Female Harrier in Adult Male Plumage?

11 June 2014
This post is an interesting subject to explore. I was curious about an adult male Northern Harrier Peter Pyle published in Birding Jan/Feb 2014. He suggests that a male-plumaged specimen is actually an adult female in this caption: "...Although the specimen was labeled a male, it had a wing chord…

Five Interesting Raptors

10 June 2014
I made a comment on Ron Dudley's blog a few weeks ago but never got back to him. So, I'm posting Ron's beautiful photos here and was wondering if anyone could figure out why I thought this Osprey (1st image in gallery) and Peregrine Falcon (2nd image in gallery) from…

Public News Service story on HWI Golden Eagle work

09 June 2014
Public News Service interviewed Steve Slater on our Golden Eagle nestling satellite project. Click below to listen. Story

Fox13 News Story on HWI Golden Eagle Work

05 June 2014
Fox13 News followed our crew around on June 4, 2014 to produce the below story on our satellite tracking work with Golden Eagle nestlings. Take a look. Story

Accipiter eye-lines

05 June 2014
Northern Goshawk (feature photo) is known to have a distinct white eye-line, and although there is some variation regarding this field mark, it is usually very prominent. But I wanted to show a gallery of Cooper's Hawks (first 2 images) and Sharp-shinned Hawks (last 5 images) with pretty obvious eye-lines…

Assessing shapes in photos

04 June 2014
Something Peter Pyle wrote recently in Birding magazine gave me a good idea for a blog post. Actually, a few posts will follow on the subject, which I think will make neat lessons. Pyle was wondering if this adult male Harrier (image #1) could be sexed as a female based…

A few Hawk ID Tips

02 June 2014
I got a few neat Hawk pics in my inbox over the weekend but I wanted to share these two birds because I thought it would be neat to discuss their ID's. The 1st bird (by Rick Pine) was sent to me back in January and I ID'd it as…

Bald Eagle Trick

30 May 2014
Let me share a trick with you I figured out in the late 80's - early 90's, and still use when I am out watching hawks. On distant dark-bellied Bald Eagles, meaning juveniles or sub-adults (sub-adults have white bellies or dark bellies depending on age, molt, and variation), look for…