Raptor Biology through the Seasons

Designed to meet several objectives of the Utah State Science Biology Curriculum, this outreach program is offered for free to biology classes in the state of Utah. Funding for the program is provided by the Utah State Office of Education through the Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) program.

More than 30 years of raptor data and scientific research is incorporated into the program to discuss topics including migration, evolution, adaptations, the food chain, predator-prey relationships, data interpretation, understanding different kinds of data, natural selection, and the use of field guides and dichotomous keys.

HawkWatch International’s education birds will join the classroom discussion to serve as live examples of several topics including adaptations, natural selection, and conservation.

The program includes a hands-on data workshop that utilizes real data gathered from our Goshutes Mountain raptor migration monitoring site, and encourages critical thinking about what data tell us. Examples include comparing both numerical and categorical data to evaluate correlation, relativity, and comparison of variables to make inferences.

Click here to read our 2017-2018 iSEE Annual Report.

Schedule a program! If you have questions about the program, contact our Education Department at (801) 484-6808 ext 107.


  • The Raptor Biology through the Seasons: Fall Migration, Winter Survival, and Spring Nesting is a statewide outreach program that offers a hands-on data workshops aligned with the Utah State Science Biology Curriculum for 9-12 grade students.
  • Live education birds are brought into the classroom to inspire awe and teach several topics of the program.

Field Trip

  • Students are introduced to HWI’s education birds and participate in hands-on activities during a two-hour field trip designed to meet standards and objectives of the Utah State Science Biology Curriculum for 9-12 grade students.
  • Field trips offer unique outdoor experiences with student data collection, bird identification, or nestbox survey workshops depending on the season.

Teacher Professional Development

  • Teacher Workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year at HawkWatch International in Salt Lake City and other cities all over the state.

Teacher Resources

  • Teachers who participate in the Raptor Biology through the Seasons program receive data sets and accompanying lesson plans, monthly emails with raptor news and updates, and additional materials as they are produced.