Bald Eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Halie is an adult Bald Eagle that came to HawkWatch in 2017. At that time, Halie had her juvenile plumage, meaning she was under five years old. Halie was found in Alaska with a wing injury that never fully healed despite the efforts of a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator. Halie is by far HawkWatch’s largest bird, weighing in at over 12 lbs! Halie is still learning how to be a raptor ambassador but often joins virtual and outdoor programs. Halie’s name comes from her scientific name, “Haliaeetus.”

Conservation issues for Halie: Poisoning, Collisions

Sponsor Halie

$10 feeds Halie for one week
$243 pays for one annual vet visit for Halie
$450 sends Halie to teach students at a Title-1 School