Hawkwatching with Manzanos Alum

12 October 2018

Text and photos by Victoria Thorpe, Manzano Mountains HawkWatch crew member

The Manzano Mountain HawkWatch was the place to be last weekend. We had our biggest visitor days yet with 26 visitors Saturday and 25 on Sunday. The visitors were composed of former HawkWatch counters, regular visitors, friends and family of the crew, and first-time hawk watchers. 

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to count with three former hawk watchers and a local teacher who regularly brought his students to the ridge to learn about raptors. It was exciting to celebrate the history of HawkWatch with these alumni involved from 1985 to 2005. Our HawkWatch alum posed for a group photo, featuring from left to right, Paul Ollig, David Wilson, Jim Daly, and Ken Babcock. We also had two former Chelan Ridge crew members join us in our trapping effort.

This week we have welcomed our additional team member, Iza Schwartz and her dog, Teah. We are excited to see what October brings and hope to see you on the ridge. 

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