Rough-legged Hawk Satellite Tracking

In collaboration with Kidd Biological, Inc. and Alaska Department of Fish and Game, HawkWatch International assisted in a study to track the movement ecology of breeding Rough-legged Hawks. During the summer of 2017, two breeding adults were successfully trapped and outfitted with GPS-transmitters, two other breeding adults were re-sighted still wearing transmitters deployed in 2016, and 11 nestlings from six breeding territories were colorbanded--all part of a collaborate effort to support ongoing work documenting migration movements and breeding success.

An understudied species that may serve as a climate change indicator, the Rough-legged Hawk undertakes an annual migration that brings them from the arctic regions of Alaska and Canada to the contiguous United States, and back again. This annual migration can result in an individual bird traveling 6,000 miles in a single year. During