Golden Eagle Satellite Tracking

Golden Eagle Nestling Satellite Tracking Summaries and Maps

As part our West Desert Raptors project, we have deployed satellite tracking units on Golden Eagle nestlings. Because Golden Eagles do not breed until their 4th or 5th year of life, understanding how young birds fare during this risky period of learning and wandering could shed light on what we can do to increase their survival odds over the long-run.  The 45-gram transmitters we attached to the eagles collect up to 14 locations a day and have a projected lifespan of 3 years, so we are expecting a wealth of data on dispersal patterns, habitat use, barriers to movement, and more.

Golden Eagle Tracking Unit #123659

Golden Eagle Tracking Unit #123670

Golden Eagle Tracking Unit #123670, 123671, and 123678

Golden Eagle Tracking Unit #123664, 123665 (ATK eagles)

Golden Eagle Tracking Unit #123676

Golden Eagle Satellite Tracking Summaries and Maps

Bonney Butte, Oregon Deployments

2014          2005          2004

Chelan Ridge, Washington Deployments

2004          2003

Commissary Ridge, Wyoming Deployments

2008          2007          2004

Goshute Mountains, Nevada Deployments

2006          2004          2002          2001          2000          1999

Manzano Mountains, New Mexico Deployments

2008          2006          2005          2004          2003          2002          2001