Volunteer Orientation: American Kestrel Study

Volunteer Orientation: American Kestrel Study

Become a HWI Citizen Scientist and take part in our American Kestrel Study!

Click here to learn more about this conservation project.

We are offering two orientation dates for you to choose from: Thursday, February 22 or Friday, February 23 from 6-8 pm.


There are numerous ways you can participate during the season including:

  • Help maintain and install nest boxes for this and future breeding seasons.
  • Document the band status of adult Kestrels using nest boxes.
  • As part of a team, monitor a cluster of nest boxes to document use by Kestrels and other cavity nesting species.
  • As part of a team, monitor the progress of nesting attempts in boxes and record nest metric data such as clutch size, brood size, and number of fledglings.
  • Assist HWI scientists in measuring and banding nestling and adult Kestrels.
  • Run a monthly survey route to spot and identify color-banded American Kestrels.
  • Locate non-nest box Kestrel nests, document location and, when possible, outcome.
  • Be a part of this important conservation effort to understand possible causes behind Kestrel declines and learn about their biology in urban settings.

During this volunteer orientation we will give a brief background about the study and go over data collection protocols, which have changed from prior seasons. This is also where we will gather information from participants on their availability, willingness to travel, and which aspects of the study they wish to be involved in. We will use this information to build teams, assign nestbox clusters, and arrange field meetings to train with project scientists.

We strongly recommend attending this orientation, even if you’ve participated in the past.

If for some reason you are unable to make this date, email Nelson Holmes, HWI Volunteer Coordinator to discuss options.

Event Details

Event date February 22, 2018 6:00 pm
Event End Date February 22, 2018 8:00 pm
Location HWI Headquarters