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Global Raptor Research & Conservation Announcement of Inaugural Grant Winners
Event date February 11, 2021 9:00 AM
Event End Date February 11, 2021 9:30 AM

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Raptors in our Backyard: Benefits, Challenges, and Opportunities for Citizen Science

The human "built" environment is the fastest-growing habitat on the planet. A wide variety of species, including those considered pests, neutral, or beneficial, find human environments attractive due to increased food resources, safety from predators, changes in thermal regimes, and more. Raptors primarily respond to the abundance of pest species, such as rodents and pigeons, but not all raptors are viewed as welcome guests due to interactions with people, pets, or backyard birds.

HawkWatch International coordinates citizen science research to understand how raptors respond to varying human-created landscapes and how we might best co-exist with them. Raptors can provide valuable "ecosystem services" to humans through pest control and can also provide insights into environmental health, including water quality and contaminants exposure.  Join us to learn more about these amazing predators and how you can help them.  

Event date March 04, 2021 12:00 PM
Event End Date March 04, 2021 1:00 PM

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American Kestrel Volunteer Kickoff

Do you like spending time outside? Do you want to contribute to research that will help us understand and conserve North America’s smallest falcon? If the answer is yes, then please attend this information session to learn about HWI’s Kestrel studies, and how you can contribute.  Whether you are a veteran American Kestrel nest monitor, or completely new to the effort, we look forward to seeing you!

The core of our work occurs in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, in Tucson, Arizona, and in the Moscow/Pullman region on the Idaho and Washington border. If you reside outside of those areas we're happy to share nest box plans, monitoring protocols, and ways to contribute data from your area.

Event date March 04, 2021 6:00 PM
Event End Date March 04, 2021 8:00 PM

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Event date April 01, 2021 12:00 PM
Event End Date April 01, 2021 1:00 PM