Conservation Director Dr. Steven Slater joins Utah Resource Advisory Council


Contact: Joseph Dane, Development Director
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Salt Lake City, Utah, September 21, 2012 – HawkWatch International’s Conservation Director, Steve Slater, Ph.D. was appointed as a representative of the environmental organizations to the Utah Resource Advisory Council.

Resource Advisory Councils are composed of citizens from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in public lands.  The Council provides advice to the Bureaus of Land Management’s Utah State Director regarding the management of public land resources within the Council’s jurisdiction.  Although the Councils are solely advisory in nature, the contributions of Council members are of great value to the Bureaus of Land Management and have aided in the development of balanced decisions that serve the interests of all public land users.

“I am honored to be given this opportunity to represent environmental scientists, recreational birders, and the general conservation community on the Council and look forward to working with the other Council members to provide guidance to the BLM on land management decisions at the state level here in Utah,” Dr. Slater.


HawkWatch International (HWI) incorporated in 1986 to monitor and protect hawks, eagles, other birds of prey and their environments through research, conservation and education.  Its primary goal is to monitor the long-term trends in the populations of raptors in western North America and along the Gulf Coast.  HWI currently conducts long-term migration monitoring and research at 14 different sites in 10 states and Mexico, the only organization in the worldto provide standardized raptor migration monitoring on this scale. Many of these sites additionally offer conservation education about raptors to the visiting public.

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