Consulting Services

Over 35 Years of Experience

HawkWatch International offers professional services to agencies, industry, and the general public seeking raptor and avian expertise. In an increasingly complex world, our science-based, non-advocacy organization recognizes the need for responsible and well-planned development. Our organization possesses the tools and resources to address a wide range of raptor-related project needs. All profits garnered through our professional services are used to support our raptor conservation and education programs.

List of Services

  • Research, survey and monitoring program design and implementation (e.g., point counts, helicopter surveys)
  • Telemetry and satellite tracking
  • Risk assessment
  • Development of Avian Protection Plans and Management Plans
  • Policy analysis (BGEPA, MBTA, ESA)
  • Field training (e.g. raptor identification, nest searching and monitoring protocols, etc)
  • Tailored service

Client Sampling

Become a Raptor Expert

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, we have the resources for you! Check out our Raptor ID resources, such as our In-hand Guide to Diurnal Raptors or our FREE Raptor ID app.

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