Conserving Raptors and Our Shared Environment

Our ecosystems are in crisis. Since 1986, HawkWatch International (HWI) has been finding solutions by studying raptors on the ground and creating informed communities by engaging them with the natural world.

HawkWatch International scientists lead essential research on raptors on migration, while scavenging for resources in the winter, or during nesting season. This informs our own conservation actions and allows us to partner with government officials, land owners, and other stakeholders to develop innovative approaches to protect raptors and our shared environment.

HWI also offers our expertise as professional services to agencies, industry, and the general public seeking raptor and avian expertise. If you are interested in our services, click the link below.

Conserving Raptors in North America

With over 35 years worth of long-term data, we keep a pulse on the health of raptor populations.

Conserving Raptors Around the Globe

Around the globe, raptors are at risk now more than ever. By focusing on some of the most at-risk species, we’re working to reverse that trend.

Join our Community of Conservationists

From participating in community science to attending events, there are many ways to get involved in raptor conservation. Learn more in our once-a-week email.

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