Jerry Liguori Raptor Conservation and Education Scholarship

Continuing His Legacy

The Jerry Liguori Raptor Conservation and Education Scholarship was created to honor Jerry and his contributions to raptor conservation by creating a way for his work to continue in perpetuity. The fund supports research, professional development, and educational experiences centered around raptor migration, identification, and natural history. It is uniquely focused on supporting equity in access and opportunities for all to experience raptors, including students of all ages, those just entering the raptor field, novices, and professionals. Want to support the scholarship? Click here to make a tax-deductible gift

Scholarship Overview

There was almost nothing that Jerry Liguori loved more in life than raptors. From the moment he laid eyes on a group of Turkey Vultures soaring at eye-level at the young age of 16, he was hooked. He was mesmerized by their graceful, buoyant flight, and enamored by their size. The experience catapulted Jerry on a lifelong journey of studying raptors across North America.

That journey did not stop at contributing to scientific research and becoming an expert in his field. Jerry also used his skills in raptor identification and photography to educate the public. With hawks soaring above us each day, Jerry realized the power that raptors had to inspire. These magnificent birds were the perfect way to draw people into nature and conservation.

Jerry inspired tens of thousands of people together to conserve raptors and our shared environment during his career. As raptors around the globe face a growing number of threats, it is imperative that we continue his work. By introducing people to, educating them about, and supporting people in their own research on raptors, we aim to protect raptors in perpetuity, in honor of Jerry’s legacy.

Awarded each fall to celebrate the annual fall migration of raptors, the Jerry Liguori Scholarship will provide approximately $10,000 in funding in 2023, with average awards ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. The goal is to support raptor-centered efforts in the three areas Jerry was most passionate about: 

Identifying Raptors
Studying the nuanced shapes, behaviors, and features unique to different raptors is a life-long endeavor. Jerry was passionate about supporting those just beginning to learn raptor identification, as well as conducting novel research to learn more about the phylogeny of species.

Counting Migrating Raptors
Jerry knew that scanning the huge sky and using inflight identification skills to document migration was both fun and critical for science. That skill development—and the information it uncovers—is critical to the appreciation and conservation of raptors.

Educating People about Raptors
At any given point in time, there is a good chance that if you look up, you’ll see a raptor. Jerry knew that this accessibility meant that introducing people to raptors can open them to a whole new world where nature and conservation are witnessed and appreciated.

Minimum Requirements

  • Closely align with Jerry’s areas of interest (listed above)
  • Can be largely supported by funding from the scholarship
  • Not supported through traditional funding sources

We Won’t Fund Projects that…

  • Take place outside North America (work in Canada and Mexico IS permissible!)
  • Support minors, unless they have an adult co-applicant
  • Are solo or group trips simply to watch hawks for fun
  • Request funding to purchase personal optics/camera equipment
  • Request funding for full season support for counters at an existing/established watch site
  • Would require special federal and/or state permitting (e.g., for raptor handling), unless those permits were already secured prior to grant application submission
  • Are not approved by the committee/committee leadership

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications! Pre-proposals are due May 24, 2024.

The committee will review pre-proposals and invite the top-scoring applicants to submit a full proposal containing a more detailed project description and budget. Full proposals will be due at a later date. Awards will be made no later than July 10, 2024.
Are you having trouble accessing or submitting the form? Please reach out to us at for technical assistance or with any questions.

Guides by Jerry

You can learn straight from the expert himself from his seminal works such as Hawks at a Distance and The In-hand Guide to Diurnal North American Raptors

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