Meet the Artist: Emily Poole

Imagine yourself in the storybook forest of your dreams. The ground is carpeted with soft green moss, every rock you peek under has a salamander there to greet you, the air is filled with cicadas chirpings, and after a long day of exploring, you dine on a foraged meal. This is the picture Emily Poole paints through her work.

Emily is an artist of many talents, always trying out new mediums—from pottery to screen printing to illustration. That is why we knew Emily would be the perfect person to take on a mug design. This is a new product to the HWI merchandise universe, and we needed someone dynamic to take on the challenge.

Emily exceeded expectations, creating the most serene piece featuring a female Northern Harrier. This mug celebrates our marshland birds, who provide such stunning bird watching, especially among the fall and winter backdrops. You can shop the mug on our store here:

What is your “spark bird,” aka the species that sparked your interest in birds?

I grew up next door to the Teton Raptor Center in Jackson, Wyoming, and my love for birds and bird art began in second grade when the raptor center brought an educational bird named Owly the Great Horned Owl to visit my art class for a live drawing session. More than 20 years later, I am still painting raptors, and Owly is still working as a raptor ambassador!

What inspires your work?

I believe that colorful, engaging images are the key to effective science communication, and my driving goal in art-making is to bring people in and spark interest in our fellow organisms and what we can do to protect them. I like to think of my artwork as an ambassador for the natural world, holding the door open and inviting folks into the conservation conversation.

What do you do outside of your art?

When I am not painting, I am usually playing with plants, wool, or both. Spinning, weaving, and dyeing yarn keep me busy in the cold months, and I can be found gardening, foraging, and meeting new species on hikes when the sun is out.

Where can people find and support you?

My website and store are, and my handle is @epooleart on social media.

This blog was written by Sammy Riccio, HWI’s Donor Engagement Coordinator. You can learn more about Sammy here.

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