Meet the Artist: Travis Bone

Take a scroll through Travis Bone’s website, and you will discover that he must have the world’s most impressive vinyl collection or is the MVP on your trivia team when it comes to the music section. Travis makes a lot of incredible art for bands and festivals (seriously, there are so many fantastic gig posters that would make a great holiday gift for the music head in your life), but he also creates beautiful art pieces often inspired by the natural world. 

We gave Travis free rein to come up with a design featuring any of the raptors we study, and he chose the ever-charismatic Burrowing Owl! This design features an entire family and their underground digs. Here at HWI, we monitor artificial burrows made to withstand the roaming bison that share Antelope Island State Park with the owls. We are so grateful that Travis captured our work with such a fun design that we can share with you! Click here to shop Travis’ tee:

What is your “spark bird,” aka the species that sparked your interest in birds?

Ring-Necked Pheasant

What inspires your work?

Music, nature, and everything that happens through a day of living

What do you do outside of your art?

Depending on the time of year, almost nothing. I love the outdoors, fly fishing especially. I like to see new places. Movies, music, reading, etc.

Where can people find and support you?, I am pretty much called “furturtle” on all social media. I am easy to find.

This blog was written by Sammy Riccio, HWI’s Communications Manager You can learn more about Sammy here.

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