Golden Eagles

About the Program

Golden Eagles are long-lived, slow-reproducing birds of conservation concern in Utah and elsewhere in the Western United States. HawkWatch International began studying Golden Eagles intensively in 2011 after our migration and nest data indicated population declines. Since then, we’ve started multiple projects on this focal species starting with long-term nest monitoring surveys and growing into on-the-ground conservation efforts, including developing mitigation efforts such as preventing vehicle collisions and winter feeding.

Long-term Nest Monitoring

Tracking survivorship of nestling Golden Eagles in Utah’s West Desert

Eagle Vehicle Strike Program

Preventing collisions between vehicles and scavenging eagles

Golden Eagle Winter Feeding

Providing winter food to eagles when resources are scarce

Future of the Program

Through banding, transmitters, blood samples, and camera traps, we have determined the likely causes of declines in western Golden Eagle populations. Human-caused habitat loss and prey decline, and collisions due to energy infrastructure and vehicles proved to contribute significantly to eagle mortality. As a result, we have formed programs to help offset these mortalities so eagles and humans can coexist. Most recently, we have begun a new project to provide food to eagles during the winter months when resources are scarce.

The Worst Nesting Season in 40 years

Recent nesting seasons have yielded the worst survival rate for nesting Golden Eagles in Utah in the last four decades. Help us paint a better picture for eagles in the years to come.

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