Leticia Olivarez


Leticia is a Technical Program Manager at Dell Technologies with 30+ years of experience implementing large Enterprise Information Technology solutions. She has worked with Dell for 16 years, as well as various State of Texas Information Technology agencies. Leticia is grateful to work for Dell Technologies as it encourages and supports employees to share skill-based volunteering opportunities for non-profit organizations across the globe.

Leticia’s interest in raptors began in the 2000’s when she would see her beloved Red-tailed Hawks on the highway light posts or telephone poles as they surveyed their land. It was not until 2012, when training for multi-day cycling tours, spending 6-8 hours pedaling on a bike, she had time to view the landscape,
wildlife and became fascinated with raptors.

Leticia was involved with supporting local wildlife rehabbers in Austin. She recently moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and connected with Fort Wayne’s Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Avian Care, ICU, and administrative support. Through the Dell Pro Bono program, she connected with HawkWatch International and knew it was meant to be, as she is enthusiastic about raptor research, education, and conservation.

Her hobbies include wildlife photography, bird watching, hiking, camping, traveling as well as major sports and car enthusiast.

Favorite Raptor: Red-tailed Hawk

Leticia’s Commitment to Conservation

Ready to Get Involved in Raptor Conservation?

Join us as a volunteer on one of our community science programs, as a bird docent, or as a remote volunteer.

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