Vice Chair

Sarah George, PhD


Though trained as a mammalogist, I often worked with ornithologists through graduate school and gained a great appreciation for their research subjects:  Turkey Vultures, Red-tailed Hawks, Marsh Hawks (now called Northern Harriers!), and Harris Hawks, among others.  After finishing school, I oversaw both the mammal and bird collections at the Natural History Museum of L.A. County, and learned to enjoy the incredible diversity of birds, from downtown L.A. peregrines to raptors around the world.  As a science museum administrator today (and still just a middling birder), I highly value HWI’s dedication to raptor research and public education.  It is only through an appreciation and understanding of the important role these magnificent birds play in worldwide ecosystems that we can help people make good and impactful decisions for the future survival of these species.

Favorite Raptor: Red-tailed Hawk

Sarah’s Commitment to Conservation

  • Chair of the HWI Board Development Committee
  • Member of the HWI Board Executive Committee

Ready to Get Involved in Raptor Conservation?

Join us as a volunteer on one of our community science programs, as a bird docent, or as a remote volunteer.

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