The Power of Small Changes in the Natural world

What’s better than saving one eagle? Saving two! This is especially true right now because eagles around the world need our help more than ever. Our research indicates that Golden Eagles are experiencing their worst season for nestling survival in 16 years, while for species we study globally, some species like the Flores Hawk-eagle are teetering on the brink of extinction.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Jeremy and Amy Hanks of the JAKA Foundation have offered to match all gifts to support eagle conservation up to $25,000! Your gift will double your direct impact around the globe, saving twice as many eagles.

“There is an individual eagle out there that could benefit from your support,” Jeremy shared.

The Hanks family believes that saving eagles is critical because eagles are a perfect way for people to connect with wildlife. “I feel like if Mother Nature elected a representative, it would either be the polar bear or the eagle because these species really inspire others and get them excited about conservation,” Jeremy explained.

Although the Hanks family is passionate about saving eagles today, their interest began more generally in nature and spending time outdoors. Their family discovered HawkWatch International after attending our Birds in the Lab program at the Natural History Museum of Utah. After learning more about raptors and joining us as volunteers, their family found their passion for conservation. 

This campaign felt special for Jeremy and Amy because it directly impacts eagles around the globe while also advancing important research and educating the public about birds of prey. “This work is the perfect embodiment of HawkWatch International’s mission. There is research, education, and on-the-ground conservation happening,” they shared.. They are inspired by the impact humans have made on preserving eagles in the past and are excited to be a part of a community of conservationists across the globe working together to conserve these incredible birds. 

“HawkWatch International is something you can give your money to and look at a report next year and can actually see the impact of your giving. The saving eagles campaign is one step towards making a real difference in the world and providing future generations with a better environment,” Amy shared.

The eagle serves as an example of the hard work and collaboration between HawkWatch International and the rest of the conservation community. 

“Incremental small changes make a big difference and really reverberate in the natural world, just like your donation can,” Amy shared.

Your donation will also make a big difference in the natural world this year! Double your impact on saving eagles across the globe by joining Jeremy and Amy to support our saving eagles campaign.

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