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Tracking At-risk Raptors

Raptors around the world are facing threats from a number of sources. In fact, raptors are some of the most threatened birds in the world. But what threats are they facing, especially as our climate continues to change?

For years, this question was difficult to answer. What we knew about raptors, where they traveled, and what threats they faced came from hours of direct observation. When the raptors were gone, so too was the research.

Luckily, technology has given us a solution. We can now track the movement of raptors with small GPS-enabled transmitters, and the results have huge implications for conservation. For just $120 a month, you can be a part of cutting-edge research into the survival and movement of at-risk species of raptors across the globe.

Conserving Endangered Species

Satellite telemetry has the power to not just uncover the answers to scientific questions; it can also be applied to conserve species of birds that are directly at risk of extinction. 

With your support, we’ve used tracking data to build a model to determine the likelihood that a new wind energy development could pose risks to Verreaux’s Eagles. The model has already been used to assess nearly 30 planned wind developments in South Africa to bring clean energy to market, without harming raptors. With your sponsorship, you’ll help us build new models for Martial Eagles and Black Harriers—both of which are currently endangered. 

Sponsorship Benefits

When you sponsor a HawkWatch International bird that is being studied with a GPS transmitter, you’ll receive a one-time physical package that includes:

  • An 8×10 photo of the species you adopted,
  • A sponsorship certificate of authenticity,
  • A fact sheet sharing more information about the species,
  • And the opportunity to name your bird

After that, you’ll receive regular updates from our team of scientists. The updates will be emailed to you quarterly and will include a map that shows your bird’s movements over the last quarter and any updates we have on what they are doing. 

Available Species

Black Harrier (South Africa)
Marital Eagle (South Africa)

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Learn Why We are Tracking Raptors

Head to our international program page to find more in-depth information on why we are focussing on these species and the other methods we are using to protect these at-risk raptors.

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