Goshutes Update

29 September 2013
Count update from the Goshutes crew (numbers as of 9/28/13). As you can see, Broad-winged Hawk activity was at record levels for Goshutes, with 47 observed and 5 banded. Amazing!!!!

Commissary Ridge Update

28 September 2013
Update from Cherin at Commissary Ridge: After 3 days of snow and about 5 inches accumulating in camp, we are ready for the sunny weather to count some hawks. We'll see what the next few days bring. We are excited to have a new member of our team, Bradley Wilkinson…

Bonney Butte Update

27 September 2013
After a couple weather days at Bonney Butte, visitors returned and migration activity continued. Here are a few pictures from Mary, Bonney Butte lead observer.

Manzanos Update

26 September 2013
Count update from the Manzanos crew (numbers as of 9/26/13). The site has been dealing with some strong winds this season, much like most of our western sites. We will have to wait until the end of the season to see what migration shifts these weather patterns are creating. 207…

Migration Network Update

25 September 2013
The snow is here and the field crew are bracing for the weather to come. This year has been a late migration for the northwest, so come snow or shine we'll be out at the observation platforms counting for the next several weeks.

Commissary Ridge Update

22 September 2013
Update from the Commissary Ridge crew: After a few days of low lying fog that confined us to our tents, hail and thunderstorms that drove us off the mountain, we emerged with refreshed senses to get back out on the ridge and see some raptors! We are on our sixth…

Chelan Ridge Update

18 September 2013
Update from the Chelan Ridge crew: The past week has been an exciting one on Chelan Ridge, with our Hawk Migration Festival last weekend bringing us many wonderful visitors. We were especially thrilled to have Iliana Arellano and her colleague Ben Limle visit us for a week from last Wednesday…

Corpus Christi Update

16 September 2013
Update from Corpus Christi crew: HWI's Corpus Christi site has experienced something we have not seen much of for the last 8 years - days and days of rain. On only 2 of the last 15 days we have seen more raptors than rain drops. We are very grateful for…

Manzanos Update

13 September 2013
Update from Manzanos crew: We have had rain, thunder and lighting storms all week. Hopefully the bad weather will clear up by the weekend. In other news, the first bird we trapped this season was a recap Sharp-shinned Hawk. Turns out this ASY female was banded on September 17, 2012…

Bonney Butte Update

12 September 2013
First Merlin of the season.