Chelan Ridge Update

23 August 2013
The Chelan Ridge team was thrilled to begin the fall raptor migration count today! The day started out rainy and overcast, but quickly turned into a bright and sunny day by mid-morning. Last night's weather disturbance was exactly what the birds needed as a little push into migration. The raptor…

Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine article

03 July 2013
May 2013 Hawk Watch Keeping eyes on the sky in Corpus Christi. By Rob McCorkle First-time visitors to the Hawk Watch Platform at Corpus Christi’s Hazel Bazemore Park during fall migration will have a tough time diverting their attention from the controlled chaos swirling around them to glance toward the…

Bird Watching magazine article

03 July 2013
Check out the fantastic article on HWI's Frontline Science program in the August 2013 edition of Bird Watching magazine.  Thanks to Frontline Science participate Meg Scherch Peterson for her wonderful story. Click the image below to read the full story.  

Cheatgrass and raptors

19 June 2013
Cheatgrass and raptors (click here for the pdf)   Editor's Letter, by Caroline Goldman Director, HawkWatch International The Salt Lake Tribune June 09, 2013   The peregrine falcons nesting on the Joseph Smith Building aren’t the only birds having a tough time (“Despite 4 eggs, peregrine falcons may have only…

Cheatgrass cheating eagles out of habitat - Salt Lake Tribune

19 June 2013
Cheatgrass cheating eagles out of habitat Wildlife • Raptors’ territories go up in smoke as nonnative plant is prone to wildfires. (click here for the pdf) (click here for more information on cheatgrass) by Brett PrettymanThe Salt Lake TribuneJune 09, 2013Juab County • The natural instinct to defend themselves took…

DNA Sequencing Research

13 May 2013
DNA Sequencing Reveals Patterns of Prey Selection in Migrating Sharp-shinned Hawks John P. DeLong1,2,4, Nancy S. Cox3, Steve W. Cox3, Zachary M. Hurst2,5, and Jeff P. Smith2,6 1Eagle Environmental, Inc., 30 Fonda Road, Santa Fe, NM 875082HawkWatch International, Inc., 2240 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT 841063Rio Grande Bird…

Nevada Magazine Spotlight Article

30 April 2013
Check out the great cover-story article about HawkWatch International in the current issue of Nevada Magazine (in print, on newsstands now) by clicking on the cover image below:

HawkWatch International Spotlighted in BirdWatching Magazine Article About Geolocators

28 February 2013
Regarding our Flammulated Owl geolocator work: "A long-suspected wintering area in southern Mexico was confirmed in 2011, when four tagged owls were recovered near their breeding areas in central Colorado. The birds covered the 1,500-mile (2,500-km) distance in one to two weeks in fall; the return flight took a month…

How to Attract Wildlife for Pest Control

06 December 2012
Interested in how you can attract wildlife to provide free, natural pest control? Read the following article coauthored by HawkWatch International, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Utah State University Extension: Attracting Wildlife for Pest Control on Farmland If you carry out any of the recommendations in this document,…