Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus

Goose is an adult female Peregrine Falcon.  She came to HWI in October 2015 from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah after she was found on the ground, hungry and unable to hunt.  We believe she was a falconry bird that managed to escape, but she was not banded nor microchipped so we are unable to trace back her original owner.  This is unusual as most falconers will band or microchip their birds for this very reason.  While Goose is fully flighted, she is unable to hunt live food and would not survive on her own in the wild.  She was named after the very "goose" like honking sound she makes when vocalizing.  Peregrine Falcons are famous for being the fastest animals on Earth; they can dive at speeds of over 240 miles an hour!

Conservation Issues for Goose: Imprinting

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$10 will feed Goose for one week
$243 will pay for annual vet visits for Goose
$1202 will cover all costs and sponsor Goose for a full year