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Western Screech-owl
Megascops kennicottii


Artemis is a female Western Screech-Owl who was hit by a car while hunting for prey. She was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator, but the injury to her right eye was too extensive. Artemis’ right eye can no longer focus, so she has lost her binocular vision, which impacts her ability to hunt effectively. As a result of this injury, she could not be released back into the wild, and Hawkwatch International (HWI) received a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to take care of her as one of our education birds in February 2014. The rehabilitator estimated she was 3 to 4 years old at that time. Artemis is named after the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, the Moon, as she has a reputation for being fierce. Statues of the goddess often feature her with an owl on her shoulder.

A Fun Fact about Artemis

Artemis likes to make a habit of defecating on those who work with her. She will usually wait until she’s super close to her handler, and then she makes her move. As an added benefit, it’s typically smelly and hard to get out of your clothes!

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Thanks to your support, Artemis can reach over 25,000 people each with a message of conservation. But all that education works up quite the appetite. Want to help Artemis reach her goals?

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