Raptor Ambassadors

Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos


Chrys is an adult male Golden Eagle and is about 18 years old. After being hit by a car and injuring his left wing, Chrys was brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, his wing never fully healed, and he was deemed non-releasable. It was decided he would need to spend his life under human care. HWI adopted Chrys in December 2018, and he joined the rest of the Raptor Ambassadors. Chrys is named for “chrysaetos,” a reference to the Golden Eagle’s scientific name.

A Fun Fact about Chrys

Chrys lets us know when he’s bored at a program by pulling on his leash with his bill. 

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Thanks to your support, Chrys can reach over 10,000 people each with a message of conservation. But all that education works up quite the appetite. Want to help Chrys reach his goals?

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